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Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumor Metastasis to the Jaw: An Imaging Case Report

Rita Olivia Siverino 1 , Alessandra Uccello 1 , Maria Luisa Giunta 1 , Mario Uccello 2 , * , Placido Amadio 2 and Giuseppe Petrillo 1
Authors Information
1 Department of Radiology, University Hospital Policlinico “G. Rodolico”, Catania, Italy
2 Department of Oncology, ARNAS Garibaldi, Catania, Italy
Article information
  • Iranian Journal of Radiology: July 01, 2016, 13 (3); e27812
  • Published Online: April 25, 2016
  • Article Type: Case Report
  • Received: February 8, 2015
  • Revised: May 5, 2015
  • Accepted: May 19, 2015
  • DOI: 10.5812/iranjradiol.27812

To Cite: Siverino R O, Uccello A, Giunta M L, Uccello M, Amadio P, et al. Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumor Metastasis to the Jaw: An Imaging Case Report, Iran J Radiol. 2016 ; 13(3):e27812. doi: 10.5812/iranjradiol.27812.

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1. Introduction
2. Case Presentation
3. Discussion
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